Awakening Balance Anti-Aging Skincare Products

Today many medications are topical (applied to the skin), and made into creams and patches to be absorbed into the body through the skin. The skin absorbs ingredients very well and is a perfect avenue for drugs to be administered. The connection between skincare products and toxins being found in the body has been proven by many studies on the causes of cancer.  Topical medications and toxins are often found stored in the body. Products that are NOT natural confuse the body and are thereby “stored” because they cannot be assimilated or excreted. These are toxic synthetic products such as parabens found in many skin care products. Very often they are found in cancer patients.

It is vital that we stop using toxic skincare products and replace them with all natural products that our bodies will love from inside and out!  Awakening Balance Skincare Products contain nutrients your skin needs, and when absorbed into the body through the skin, there is no confusion as to how it is assimilated by your body.  That means less stress and healthier skin!  Chose to use quality skincare products that are actually good for your whole person.  No more synthetic poisonous products!

Start enjoying smarter, better skincare products, designed by healthcare practitioners who truly care about your health and beauty, not large pharmaceutical or cosmetic companies who are most interested in their bottom line$.  At Awakening Balance, we stand behind our products and take seriously “whole person health” from our extremely effective acupuncture treatments, to our customized herbal treatments, to our all natural skincare line. We use our own skincare line as part of our Cosmetic Acupuncture treatment.

Our products  nourishes the skin with vitamins, minerals and amino acids that work together to keep the skin looking youthful, radiant and healthy every day.  We only use the highest quality ingredients — avoiding all toxins!  Start looking and feeling your best naturally, with any combination of Awakening Balance Skin Care today!

Nourish Day Serum

Daily serum contains all natural nutrients that give the skin what it needs to be beautiful every day! With our base of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA), linoleic acid (LA), gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and oleic acid (OA), these full spectrum omega fatty acids along with other vitamins, antioxidants and nourishing factors will help transform your skin daily to put your best face forward!

Vitamin C+E Night Serum

Night serum Vitamin C+E, antioxidant formula helps regenerate collagen and elastin naturally. Carotenoids and other vitamins are very high in this night serum giving it a naturally bright hue which may temporarily discolor your pillowcase until put through washer. Night Serum Vitamin C+E is extremely potent with antioxidant activity, naturally stimulating collagen and elastin. You will look your best and feel great! These healing ingredients will actually benefit your whole body as there are no synthetic ingredients for your liver and kidneys to filter as waste.  Only pure, natural ingredients are used in our serums allowing them to perform at a premium level. They work WITH the body not against it.

Lip Love - Shimmer Lip Balm

Cocoa butter based, Lip Love balm will help your lips feel and look their best!  With just a hint of gold mica to accent your nourished lips, Lip Love is soon to be one of your favorites!  Lip Love contains real rose extract as well as other healing flowers that are infused into this fantastic lip balm.  Lip Love’s smooth texture will help your lips feel nourished and protected from dryness — with all natural healing ingredients!

Youthful Moisture Intense Serum

Youthful Serum will help your skin look and feel more youthful!  This anti-aging serum can be used any time during the day. Deep wrinkles and fine lines, like desert cracks, need moisture to look smooth again. Quench your skin to obtain the healthy fullness of younger looking skin. Our natural serum base protects the skin from free radical damage, refines mature skin and nourishes the complexion with plumping hydration.  Designed to hydrate the skin naturally so your skin will feel softer and look more youthful almost immediately.  This serum may be applied day or night whenever you need an extra moisture boost!