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Acupuncture in general does not hurt.  Most people report that because the needles are so thin (about the actual thickness of a cat whisker), that they do not feel anything when receiving acupuncture.
However, the most reported discomfort might be a quick poke or prick at the site of the acupuncture point that dissipates quickly.  When electrical stimulation is administered through the acupuncture
points for appropriate treatment of certain disorders again the discomfort at the needle site is one that is likened to electrical stimulation of a ten’s unit one might use at home that includes a pulsation
type stimulation to the area.  
In general because there is no one size fits all in the healing process we do still have an estimate calculation for this question that in our experience is accurate.  
Our first treatment of acupuncture takes 90 to 120 minutes and sometimes longer for very complex cases.  There is a follow-up appointment to realize the first treatment effects on the body.  
There are typically two more treatments that eliminate whole body inflammation and further balance the body as a whole. 
If any more treatments are needed beyond this typical scheduling, one has to consider how long the imbalance, pain
or discomfort has been present and for chronic situations take number of the years having dealt with the illness or pain and that is roughly about how many acupuncture sessions you will need to realize the balance your body can regain.
Some people experience complete elimination of all symptoms including pain, while others may only regain an increase of Range Of Motion (ROM), decreased pain, and better overall quality of life.  Sometimes there is no cure for a disease
however acupuncture even in those cases has been shown to manage pain for individuals without side effects that pain medication drugs all carry.