Flynne Templeton


I first used Chinese Medicine as a child after suffering some sports-related injuries.  At the time I thought acupuncture was amazing and continued to use it for injuries and illnesses as I got older.  After graduating from Middlebury College I knew that I wanted to pursue a career in healing.  I decided to go to school for respiratory therapy. After school I worked as a respiratory therapist at Stanford Children’s Hospital in Palo Alto CA.  After moving to Colorado and working for a short time at Children’s Hospital, I decided that respiratory therapy was not satisfying my desire to heal.  I found a Chinese Medicine School in Denver and soon knew I was in the right place.

Before coming to Awakening Balance in 2020, I was working in community style acupuncture, which allowed me to treat many different sorts of injuries and ailments.  I have had a great deal of success with sports injuries, back pain, neck pain, and chronic pain. I am also very experienced and passionate about women’s issues such as infertility, cycle irregularities, menstrual pain, pregnancy symptoms and menopausal symptoms. In my practice I incorporate acupuncture, cupping, Tuina, Guasha, and electro-acupuncture.  I also have a vast knowledge of Chinese herbal medicine, a great tool that is often not fully utilized by Chinese Medical practitioners. I am excited to help you feel better and reach all of your health goals!​