Andres Trujillo


Hello, my name is Andres Trujillo and I would be very happy to discuss with you your health concerns and what we can do to help you find balance and relief. My treatments consist of a combination of Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, including a variety of modern techniques including (Electro-Acupuncture, Warm Needle Technique, Master Tung's Protocol, Scalp, Korean Hand, Cupping, and Auriculotherapy. 

I specialize in pain management, anxiety, allergies and digestive disorders using acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Therapy and a range of available functional and alternative modalities. 

In conjunction with Chinese Herbal Therapy and acupuncture, I provide a personalized prescription and TCM diagnosis for each patient. My extensive training in herbal protocols include herbal tinctures, tonics, teas and granular.

My dream is to bring acupuncture to people on a large scale. This includes a diversity of people and places such as military bases, hospitals, schools, workplaces and industry which  can all have access to this simple but very powerful medicine.